About Me

Welcome to my humble little slice of the web! What I hope to accomplish is to showcase some of the projects that I’ve worked on in the past all while keeping you, my visitor, in the loop for what’s coming up. I’m hoping to keep this site as updated as possible but my apologies in advance if it falls behind here and there.

So who am I? Where do we start?

I was born in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and spent a chunk of my childhood there before moving to Montreal just in time for high school. Between then and now, I’ve spent some time in Los Angeles and in London, UK. Two extremes to be sure but both lovely and memorable cities all the same. Right now, I wake up every morning in Montreal, Canada.

On the education front, I hold a BA in Communications from Concordia University, an MBA from Cass Business School and a professional degree in Film Producing from UCLA. I’ve also completed some Coursera courses here and there and should make some time to learn Spanish properly. Learning’s fun!

Professionally, I’ve dabbled in quite a few industries. Most notably, I spent quite a few formative years in feature film production and development but have also spent some time working in finance.

Beyond that, I’m known as a hockey fan and a film fanatic. My spare time is shared between writing feature film screenplays and working on multiple side projects, which includes various endeavors in the comic book world.

Thanks for visiting!