Official Selection of the 2011 Fantasia Film Festival

Starring: Maisie Chen, Jade Hassoune, Alex Nemeroff, Veronique Picard and Milosz Jurkiewicz

Written and directed by Jason De Vilhena
Produced by Nick Lacroix and Dominique Desrochers
Production design by Alexis Johnston
Music by Teddy Leong-She
Visual effects by Benjamin Lussier
Cinematography by Blayre Ellestad
Sound by Ian Ellemo

Sabrina is slowly getting ready for a romantic evening with her lover prior to him coming home from work. Meticulous in her preparations, she's excited to show what she's got in store for him. In the midst of all this, three burglars break into their house, assuming that it's empty. Instead of playing the victim, Sabrina decides to take matters into her own hands.

Runtime: 20 minutes, 53 seconds

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Trailer Music: "De Ja Vu" by Brand X Music