Lucidité passagère (2010)

English Title: Blind Spot

Distributed by Axia Films

Directed by: Marie Hélène Panisset, Julien Knafo, Nicolas Bolduc and Fabrice Barrilliet
Producers: Marie Hélène Panisset, Fabrice Barrilliet, Dominique Desrochers, Jeremy Spry and Marc Côté

My Role: Producer's Assistant

The four main characters are uniquely intricate beings who struggle through trials and tribulations, both individually and as a group, while trying to discover what really makes them happy. Almost without knowing, the viewer is provided with a background of each character through the use of quick cuts to the past. By keeping the secrets of each individual at bay, viewers are left to their own devices to piece together what ails the characters in this cinematic experience.