Mars et Avril (2012)

Distributed by Alliance Vivafilm
Directed by: Martin Villeneuve
Producers: Benoit Beaulieu, Anne-Marie Gélinas and Martin Villeneuve
Executive Producer: Pierre Even
Associate Producer: Dominique Desrochers

My Role: Assistant to Associate Producer

As Man is about to set foot on Mars, a small community of anticybernetics is busy trying to slow down time. Among them is JACOB OBUS (Jacques Languirand), an emblematic and beloved septuagenarian who creates captivating music on instruments inspired by the female body, designed by his friend ARTHUR (Paul Ahmarani). Once Jacob and Arthur fall in love with AVRIL (Caroline Dhavernas), a young and short-winded photographer, the old sex-symbol's true nature is revealed. Upon discovering love for the first time in his life, Jacob leaves for Mars in search of his muse. In the midst of everything arrives EUGÈNE SPAAK (Robert Lepage), inventor, cosmologist and Arthur's father, who maintains that Mars is only a chimera.